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Dan Messier
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Shop Manager
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Machining Specialist
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We strive to handcraft beautiful, efficient and effective cabinetry for every room in your home.

We use our many combined years of experience to design cabinet layouts for kitchens, bathrooms, closets and much more.  We work closely with you on every project so we can understand what you are looking for in terms of style, colour and finish.  We help to determine the most efficient layout of each space based on how you like to work, and suggest organizational strategies for when the project is complete.


Every cabinet is designed using the most up to date CAD design technology so you can see the project virtually before you purchase it.  This helps you to fully understand what your project will look like as well as how much space each cabinet uses in conjunction with the rest of the design.  Our CAD software determines the pricing for our projects so that we can ensure a fair price for the value of each project.  Because the designs are “live”, meaning that what we input into the design fits precisely to the room, you can be rest assured knowing that when we are complete with the design layout that what you see virtually will be what you get in their home.


Every cabinet is cut on a 5 foot by 10 foot table CNC machine.  DesignWorks Cabinetry recently purchased and installed a brand new state of the art CNC machine to ensure that every cut is clean and accurate. This machine is able to produce cabinetry with extreme precision, expedited cut times and unrivalled quality that makes our cabinets some of the best in the world.


After our cabinets have been cut and processed through our automated edge-bander and doweling machine, they go to our hand assembly area.  Every cabinet that is manufactured at DesignWorks Cabinetry is assembled by highly skilled craftsmen who take every detail into account. Our assembly process is something we are incredibly proud of and we can guarantee you will be proud to have our DesignWorks cabinets in your home.


We utilize only quality experienced installation technicians for all of our installations.  Our staff are very clean, organized, courteous, polite and trust worthy.  Our technicians take pride in making sure that every detail of the install is done with precision and care.  We believe that a great install makes each project!


Ultimately, we work hard to deliver a fantastic design that is beautiful, efficient and effective so that you can be completely satisfied with the final product.  We have incorporated these ideals into our entire processing to help us facilitate this experience for you!


We hope that you will choose DesignWorks Cabinetry for your next cabinetry project!


Your DesignWorks Cabinetry Team